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Tour De Donut

Sat August 24, 2024 TROY, OH 45373 US Directions


The Tour de Donut is a unique bicycle event, where your ability to eat donuts is just as important as your ability to ride your bicycle fast. The event is a mass start timed bicycle "ride" where riders visit donut stops. For each donut the rider eats during the ride (and keeps down) they have 5 minutes deducted from their ride time. The ride is just like any other bike tour, except we have donuts. 1000 dozen. Donut stops are also stocked with bananas, local in season apples, other local fruit, yogurt, water, electrolyte drink and milk.

Deadlines    Shirt deadline - 8/10   After this date, shirt sizes will be limited or gone completely. Shirts are only guaranteed through 8/10. 

Kid’s Events: 8:00 am
Thanks to your race registrations, this is a free event for kids.
Registration begins at 7am in the tent at the start/finish line
Kids from 2 to 12 are welcome to participate Kids will line up by age group and ride a half block for the youngest and two blocks for the older kids. Each age group will start after the other finishes for safety and will ride through the start/finish line area though thousands of cheering fans.
All roads are closed to traffic
All Kids must wear a helmet
The first 120 kids will receive a Tour de Donut T-shirt. All kids will receive a custom finishers medal and all the donuts and milk they care to eat.

Donut Hole:
9.72 mile mass start event with one Donut stop. This ride will feature an out and back on the Great Miami River Trail bike path. Donut Hole riders will have a chance at The Glazer prior to the finish.

Mini Donut:
19.7 mile mass start event with one Donut stop. Mini The Tour de Donut riders will have a chance at The Glazer prior to the finish. 
Full Donut:
34.4 mile mass start event... Full Tour de Donut riders will have a chance at The Glazer prior to the finish.
Double D Challenge:
58.5 mile mass start event ......
Registration includes a commemorative shirt(if registered by August 10), custom finisher medal, bib number, all the donuts you can eat, aid station food, electronic chip timing and chance at awards.
According to Ohio State Law it is illegal. We think it is dangerous.
OHIO CYCLING LAWS: Ohio Bicycle Law with Steve Magas Ohio Bike Lawyer
At each Donut Stop your number will be marked for each donut you are given.
We are a cycling family and understand the different stages of kid cyclist. We would enjoy having as many kids as possible in our fun event. Parents should determine if their child is ready for the open roads or should do the kids events that take place prior to the main event start.
Riders alone on their own bikes must be experienced on open roads and can we escorted by a registered parent.
Tag a longs with a child stoker are welcome in the tandem classes as long as there is a child or sto-kid on the back.
Bike trailers are permitted. We would encourage you just to register the person on the bike... not the people in the trailer. Kids in trailers must have parental permission/release form signed and wear a helmet. If you do bring a bike trailer, we encourage you to start farther to the back of the pack at the starting line. This gives those that are generally quicker on the start to get going as trailers tend to take a little longer to get up to speed.

If you have a trailer/tag-a-long that is a single wheel with pedals. We encourage you to register in the Tandem Division. The second rider does need to register in these cases so they can get a shirt etc.
Troy Middle School 556 N. Adams St, Troy, Ohio 45373
The Troy Rec - 11 N Market Street,Troy, Ohio
The Troy Rec - 11 N Market Street,Troy, Ohio

We will be utilizing electronic chip timing from Good Times Event Services that will offer live scrolling results via television monitor and internet. You can check for live results. There will be electronic checkpoints along each route. You are required to cross the checkpoint to be considered for results. 

Donut Stop #1 Hole: Closes at 10:00
Donut Stop #1 Mini: Closes at 11:30
Donut Stop #1 Full: Closes at 11:00
Donut Stop #2 Full: Closes at 11:30
Donut Stop #1 DD: Closes at 11:00
Donut Stop #2 DD: Closes at 11:30
Donut Stop #3 DD: Closes at 12:30 
Glazer Stop: Closes at 1:30


Safety is our utmost concern for this event. The following rules will help you enjoy a fun and safe event and provide some insight into how the ride is conducted.
All roads are open to traffic. While the roads are lightly traveled there will be cars.
Riders must ride within Ohio State Law including stopping at stop signs, riding on the correct side of the road and not wearing headphones.
We have corn that obscures intersections (see above rule about stop signs then the one above it about cars)
Riders must ride in a safe and predictable manner
Please make sure your bike is prepared for this event
Helmets are mandatory for all riders. Straps must be fastened
If you are going to pass please do so on the left after announcing your intentions
If you stop along the route make sure you get off the road
Your timing chip must be attached to your seat post (do not tape to your frame)
Your number must be worn in an area that you want people touching you as this is where the donut helpers will mark your donut count. Your time does not start until you cross the timing mats so no need to rush to the front
Rider Staging:
Riders are not permitted to line up on the street until the kids events are complete
Staging signs will be along the corral based upon your route color. All riders must start by 9am and must cross the start mat for timing to begin. 

Route Colors: Donut hole(Tan)   Mini(red)  Full(yellow)  Double D(blue)

Donut Stops:
Please be extra cautious entering and exiting the Donut stops
Make sure your bike is not parked on the road or in a walkway
You can take 3 donuts each time
Your number will be marked for each donut you eat
Donuts are not permitted to leave the donut enclosure
If you are unable to finish your donuts please return to the counters for a recount
You must eat one donut to be eligible for awards since 2013
Be extra cautious in the finish area
After crossing the line slow to a safe stop and prepare for donut counting
Enter the line for donut counting
Riders on the Double D must be finished by 1:00 to be considered for awards
Riders on the Full Donut must be finished by 12:00 to be considered for awards
Riders on the Mini and Hole Donut must be finished by 11:00 to be considered for awards
We will not ship packets, t-shirts or awards
There are no refunds, transfers or deferrals
We ride rain or shine


All riders must be present for awards ceremonies to be eligible for Donut Tumblers or Donut Glasses. In years past we have given away Jerseys, but due to COVID related supply chain issues we are unable to get Jerseys

We will not ship packets, t-shirts or awards.
There are no refunds.
We ride rain or shine.   SHIRTS - We order you the size you specify on your registration. Every shirt manufacturer is sized slightly different. Ladie's cut shirts run smaller than unisex cut. Please understand that we will not exchange shirts at packet pickup due to them not fitting. If you are concerned that the shirt might be too small, then order up.

FACEBOOK:Tour de Donut Ohio for the latest information


The Tour De Donut is unique due to the donut eating aspect of the ride. While 50% of participants eat no donuts, below are some tips for those interested in competative eating.

 Tip #1

Set a goal for how many you can eat and stick to it !

Other Riders (OR): This is true with anything, including eating. Remember to set a realistic goal. Most of us can’t eat a dozen donuts.
Competitive Eater (CE): To set a realistic goal, I like to practice eating the actual food in a set amount of time to get an idea of how I’ll fair against other eaters.

 Tip #2

Eat 2/3 of your goal at the first stop (i.e. goal of 21, eat at least 14 at the first stop)
OR: Very true! Most riders felt this was dead on.
CE: I’ll be using the ¾ rule. A goal of 20, 15 at the first stop and at least 5 at the second stop.

Tip #3

Pick up as many donuts as you can and start eating them .Once you have committed and taken a bite, you will make yourself finish.
OR: Most riders I spoke to like to eat in sets of 3 or 4 and not in each hand.
CE: I’ll use the 1/3 rule here. If your goal is to eat 12 at the first stop then eat in increments of 4.

Tip #4

Drink enough water to keep your throat moist, but not too much.
OR: Very true again!
CE: Try flavoring your water with something that isn’t sweet. Mixing up the flavors will help get down those extra donuts.

Tip #5

Eat fast. There is a delay in the stomach telling your brain that it is full. The longer the breaks between bites, the more time for your stomach to start screaming!

OR: Most riders had mixed feelings about this one. Eat at a pace which is comfortable for you.
CE: This one I don’t agree on. Eat efficiently, not fast. The more you chew up the food, the more digestible it becomes, and the less space it takes up in the stomach. The body is very smart. Your not going to fool it by eating fast.

Tip #6
At least one week prior, stretch the stomach. One way is forcing yourself to chug water. Kobayashi (the hot dog eating champ) will force himself to chug a gallon of water in less than 2 minutes every morning! 

OR: Most think it’s best to eat a large meal the night before. Maybe something high in carbs.
CE: I agree on stretching the stomach before competition. However, water is not a good choice. And definitely not a gallon. I use a liquid that contains electrolytes such as Gatorade. Drinking large amounts of water is very risky and can lead to water intoxication

If you are in need of more info, please either use the contact form at the top of the website, or email us at

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